Monday, April 22, 2013

Such and Stuff

P Q R S is for Such and Stuff


I’ve been buying a lot of patterns lately so P is for patterns.  You might wonder why I would need to buy patterns when I could probably figure it out myself.  But sometimes I don’t feel like figuring it out.  Sometimes I just want to sit and crochet and not have to pick colors or figure out sizing.  Plus buying others designer’s patterns, I’ve actually learned a few new things, like a neater ending for crochet or how to add crochet  flowers to a bunting.

Q is for Quicker.  I’m always looking for a way to streamline my knitting or crocheting so it takes less time.  But sometimes I just want to take my time and mosey along working on a more complicated design.

R is for Rainbow.  And though I love colors I’m not always good at combining them prettily.  So I’ve bought several patterns by ATERcrochet  because I love her use of color.  Plus her patterns are wonderful.

S is for Slip Stitch, my new favorite stitch in knitting.  With it you can make items look like plaid, or tweed or bricks.  It’s so fascinating and I have several things in the works using slip stitch. 

That’s what I’ve been doing lately, studying new patterns and new ways to knit and crochet, when I thought I “knew it all”.  I love learning new stuff so it’s been fun and relaxing.


  1. Some day I will learn to knit! One of these days. You have a real talent for crocheting and knitting!
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  2. I'm a beader, and I also buy patterns to learn new techniques. Like you, I guess I could figure them out myself, but why take the time if someone else has already done it?

    1. Exactly. no need to reinvent the wheel

  3. I've struggled with colour too, so about 11 years ago I started to buy and do colouring books - mostly mandala designs - and that's helped me a lot with my beading and colour choices.

    1. I looove coloring books. Especially color by numbers. I find them so relaxing

  4. i love learning stitches I like the look of that slip stitch, currently i am learning new knots for ...uh knotting


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