Monday, April 20, 2015

10 Stitich Afghan Samples

Ten Stitch Blanket Swatches

     I've been swatching  the 10 stitch blanket that I found the pattern for on Ravelry.  I Love this pattern!  It's so simple;  just plain garter stitch and only 10 stitches on your needle at one time.   And if you keep going apparently it makes a blanket.  Fabulous mindless easy knitting.
     Number one was made with Red Heart variegated yarn; Heartfelt .  I was looking for a design for my grandson who wants me to make him a blanket.  I didn't like it for this pattern.
     Then I discovered Vanna's Tapestry yarn.  It's dyed perfectly for this blanket.  Number 2 is the Scandanavia colorway and number 3 is the Peru colorway which I'm really loving.  I like the interplay of the solid strips and  the variegated parts.  I think as the blanket grows you could add other striped yarns and it would flow right together.
     The last swatch is my favorite though.  I'm using Red Heart Zebra for the straight parts and Cherry Red for the corners.  I think this blanket will come out looking fabulous.  
     The ten stitch blanket pattern can be found here and it's free!

On another note I just learned how to make a collage for the blog and this post was to test it out.  I think it looks pretty good.  And that's what I've been up to lately.