Friday, June 20, 2014

Spider Web Lace Christening Blanket

I finally got the pattern up in my Ravelry shop for the Spider Web  Lace Christening Blanket

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I remember the first time I gave this blanket as a shower gift.  I wasn't sure if the recipient would like it so I put  it in the bottom of the gift bag along with some super cute outfits on top.  She opened the bag , glanced at the little outfits and brought out the blanket. 
Holding it up, she exclaimed; "Now that's what I was looking for!  Beautiful"  And all the guests at the party agreed. 
It is such a pretty, lacy, girly blanket and just looks fabulous in person.

If you are looking for something special to make for your next baby gift, let me recommend this blanket.  And it's not hard to make.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where I Get My Ideas

 Today I'm going to share how something totally unrelated results in a fantastic idea for something else. 

This morning I was Pinteresting and looking at embroidery boards.  I was pinning like a mad thing when I came across some tiny embroidery.  Tiny embroidery
It was on a board called Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny.  Now I wanted to look at that board but didn't want to leave the board I was currently looking at.

 So when I got done pinning I went looking again for the Itsy Bitsy board.  When I typed that in search up came board upon board of Bikinis! 
red, white & blue...yep i need this for my birthday/the 4th
And Bad-a-Bing!  I got the idea to crochet a baby bikini with a bow for the top and star buttons on the diaper cover.  It will soon make it's appearance in my Etsy shop.

And that's how something totally random like embroidery gave me the idea for my next crochet project.

Where's the oddest place you've ever gotten ideas?