Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's Been Awhile

It's Been Awhile since I posted on this blog.  I've been dabbling.  Making Coloring books and Journals and putting them up on Amazon.

I put a coloring fitness journal  and a Snowflake Coloring book on Etsy.  I'm trying to get into publishing more printables as I can make them once and sell forever. Just a little diversifying.  

I still make top hat and baby shower items to well in my Etsy shop.  Soon I'll be putting printable baby shower games there too.

This is a cover for my  Snowflake Coloring book, available in my Etsy shop.

Check it out.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Make you Own Coloring books

Did you ever wish you could learn to make your own coloring book?  But it has to be easy peasy.  No complicated Photoshop or similar programs.

Well now there is a solution for you.  It's called Super Simple Coloring Books.

Let's face it, lot's of people say that
coloring books are a low content book.

But when you look at the time and money
it takes...
- to find images
- buy PLR image packs
- work with image software
- hire and wait for outsourcers
to deliver your work

...I'm sure you'll see it's far
from low content.
But wouldn't it be great if you
could speed up the process?

Not have to buy expensive image
software, or PLR packs?

And most importantly....speed up
the whole process?

Well, here's the solution to
all of those low content problems.
Super Simple Coloring Books

Barry J McDonald has just come
up with the easiest way to do it.
I know you'll be amazed by what
he found and how you can create
images faster than ever before.

He's just come up with an amazingly
easy way of creating coloring book

And when he says easy....I mean 'real' easy.
He even showed his 7 year old son how to do
it, and here's what he created.
Super Simple Coloring Books.

I loved this course.  It's a series of videos that are only 5-15 mins long each. He shows you where to get free content and how to use it.  He even shows how to put the books together and get them up on Createspace or Amazon.  Sometimes that right there is another whole course in itself.  But it's included in this one so it's like getting two courses for the price of one.
Don't miss this opportunity to get into the profitable Adult coloring book market.  You won't be sorry.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Ways your Brick and Mortar Business can Profit from Pokemon Go

5 ways Your Brick and Mortar Business can profit from  Pokemon  Go

Pokemon Go is the hottest app.  It has been downloaded 21 million times and counting  times since it became available.  People everywhere are getting out their houses and into the business district  to play it.   If you are one of the lucky stores to be a Pokestop or near one you have just hit the jackpot!  Not since the Gold Rush has there been such an opportunity for small businesses.  Hundreds of people are walking past your store or maybe into it.


Here are 5 strategies for using Pokemon Go to increase sales:

      1.        Invite players into your store with signs saying things like “This is a Pokestop.  What will you catch today? “ Offer   players 10% off a purchase if they show you the proof they are playing Pokemon Go. 

2.        Set up phone recharging stations in your shop that are only for paying customers. (Pokemon Go uses up a lot of battery power)  While they are charging up their phones they can order something to eat or drink.  Again, offer some kind of discount.  Pokemon Go players are walking all around trying to find the Pokemon so they get thirsty and hungry.

3.        If you don’t sell food or drink, but sell other items you can offer a discount on purchases if the customer shows you they are playing the game.  

4.        Sell Pokemon merchandise.  A new generation is learning about Pokemon and they’re going to want to buy toys, games,  clothes , etc with Pokemon on them.

5.        Some entrepreneurs are offering car services where they drive people around the area to the various Pokestops and Pokegyms for a fee.  You would have to drive 25 – 30 miles an hour and pull over frequently so the customer could get the items or battle at the poke gym but it could be lucrative.

6.       Bonus Idea :  Sell portable phone chargers.  Sales of those are rising rapidly because people want to be able to recharge their phones and keep playing.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Get the unofficial guide to Pokemon Go  for less than a cup of coffee.  Then start brainstorming how you can make this phenomena work for you! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pokemon GO - The Newest Craze

Pokémon Go is the hottest new App for I-phones and Androids.  Everywhere you go, you see people walking around, staring at there phones. 

"What are they doing?"
 "Playing Pokémon GO!"

The science behind Pokémon Go is pretty cool.  You download the free App on your phone and play a virtual reality version of the Pokémon game.  You walk around in real life, your avatar walks on the screen, and when a Pokemon is near the phone will vibrate to let you know.  Capture the Pokémon using the virtual Pokeball..  You can even take a picture of the Pokémon in your house or on the street with the camera on your phone before you capture it!  Fantastic fun!

It's a great game and gets people and families off their couches and out in the streets walking around, getting exercise, bonding. and discovering things they never knew existed in their town!

I just started playing this week, and even though I live in a small town, there seem to be a lot of Pokestops and Pokegyms in my area.  Some of the landmarks I had never seen before.  Most of the time Pokestops are businesses, landmarks, memorials or water towers. 

Here's a Rattata I "caught" while I was shopping at the grocery store.   He just appeared on my shopping cart!

If you don't know what I'm talking about or you do but can't figure out the game, then get my "Unofficial Guide to Pokemon Go available in my Etsy shop.  For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can learn all about Pokémon, Pokestops, Pokegyms, Pokecoins, powering up, hatching eggs and much more.  Plus there's even a page of tips and cheats. 

I wanted to learn about this game so I could play with my grandkids but now I have fun playing it even without them!  (Just don't tell them, LOL).

Want to get in on the Fun?  Get My Unofficial Guide to Pokemon Go and impress your kids or grandkids.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brush Lettering Obsession

My new obsession is brush lettering.    I LOVE IT!

I'm not very good at it yet, but I love it. 
  Here's some examples of my practice: 

I learned about Brush Lettering from Random Olive.  She has a Brush lettering guide that teaches you the basics.  She is also on Periscope a couple of times a week to
demonstrate how she brush letters and what supplies she uses.

 If you are interested you can buy a copy of her Brush Letter guide .  This link takes you to her page explaining what it is. (affiliate link).  Or click the Buy now button on the right sidebar to GET IT NOW, no waiting.  It's a digital file and worth every penny.  She gives you Capital letters, small letters and numbers and lined practice sheets in two sizes.  You start with the larger  size to learn the strokes and then graduate to the smaller size. 

 Once you've learned the basics, you may be interested in my   Halloween Themed Practice Guide.  It an e-book of 31 Halloween words and phrases.  It does not teach the brush lettering basics.  It's a lined practice guide to advance your practice.

Hope you join me in learning this new skill.

Monday, April 20, 2015

10 Stitich Afghan Samples

Ten Stitch Blanket Swatches

     I've been swatching  the 10 stitch blanket that I found the pattern for on Ravelry.  I Love this pattern!  It's so simple;  just plain garter stitch and only 10 stitches on your needle at one time.   And if you keep going apparently it makes a blanket.  Fabulous mindless easy knitting.
     Number one was made with Red Heart variegated yarn; Heartfelt .  I was looking for a design for my grandson who wants me to make him a blanket.  I didn't like it for this pattern.
     Then I discovered Vanna's Tapestry yarn.  It's dyed perfectly for this blanket.  Number 2 is the Scandanavia colorway and number 3 is the Peru colorway which I'm really loving.  I like the interplay of the solid strips and  the variegated parts.  I think as the blanket grows you could add other striped yarns and it would flow right together.
     The last swatch is my favorite though.  I'm using Red Heart Zebra for the straight parts and Cherry Red for the corners.  I think this blanket will come out looking fabulous.  
     The ten stitch blanket pattern can be found here and it's free!

On another note I just learned how to make a collage for the blog and this post was to test it out.  I think it looks pretty good.  And that's what I've been up to lately.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

I love New Years.  I always feel so hopeful.  Like it's a new beginning.  Leave all the things behind that didn't go so well last year, wipe the slate clean and start again.

I was looking over last year's resolutions and this year's will be about the same.  I don't feel like that means I failed because I 've made progress or rethought most of them:

My Goals for 2014 were:
  1. Blog at least once a week and maybe more.
  2. Get those patterns on Ravelry.  I have lots of good ideas like a bunting (or garland) a month pattern and a blankie a month pattern.
  3. I'd like to figure out Google +
  4. Continue growing my Etsy business.
  5. And that diet and Exercise.
1.  I didn't blog once a week but I blame that on the whirlwind the year became after my son proposed to his girlfriend and we spent the first 7 months of the year preparing for and having a wedding. 
 So I still want to try and blog at least once every two weeks.  Maybe that's a more reasonable time frame for me.
2.  I still want to put patterns on Ravelry.  I think I got two on there this year.  Not bad, but I can do better.
3.  I've decided I don't care about Google +.  People were predicting it was going to be so big, but I don't think so.  I'm concentrating my media output on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram now.  Especially the last two as they are photography based.
4.  My Etsy business grew quite a lot this year.  I had almost 300 sales in 2014.  I'd like to continue growing my business.
5.  Sigh!!  Diet and exercise.  I lost some weight but gained it back over the holidays.  This is still an important goal for me though. 
6.  I'm doing some creative things for me.  I joined Lifebook 2015  which is doing mixed media art once a week.  Hope I can keep up.  Here's the link if anyone is interested in joining.  Life Book 2015.
It's not free but the price is really reasonable and you can break it into three payments.
Those are my resolutions for the year.  What's yours?