Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Tip of the Week - Kitty Litter

Thursday tip of the week – Kitty Litter


Snow, snow and more snow!  That’s what we’ve been enduring in the northeast this winter especially in NJ.    We get snow here every winter but usually just a few inches and maybe one or two storms.  But this year has been relentless.  Every week it’s snowing, or sleeting or icing.  UGH!  I’m home again today writing this blog post because our office is closed. 

Last week, I’m trying to get to work and the roads were snow covered but not bad.  I get to the top of an incline at the end of my block and wait to make a left turn.  Cars are behind me. I step on the gas and my wheels start spinning.   I can’t  get any traction and my car is threatening to slip backwards.  All the “nice” people around me start turning around and leaving or going around me to get on their way.

Thank  goodness for kitty litter!  (Words I never thought I’d say)  I happened to have a bag in the back of the car I hadn’t taken into the house yet from my last shopping trip.  I got out, threw some litter under each tire, slipped and fell (at least none of the cars going around me ran me over, that was polite of them) and got back in the car.  Stepped on the gas and away I went.

So, today’s tip is keep a bag of kitty litter in your trunk.  You never know when it will get you out of a slippery situation.  And it works!