Saturday, April 13, 2013

J is for Jump


Just do It!

 A lot of times I hem and haw and stand on the brink of a new project or goal or dream and just stare at it, frozen.  I can’t start it.  It can be as small as a new idea for a crochet project or as big as opening up an Etsy shop.

When I first wanted to open my shop I was so overwhelmed by all the advice in the blogosphere I became paralyzed.  “You must have excellent pictures.”  “You must write a witty and revealing profile.”  “Your sales copy has to be primo.”  “And don’t forget your tags and SEO”   And while of that is certainly true, you don’t have to do it all at once. 

It actually took me 3 months longer to get going because I was afraid to start.  Nothing was perfect.  My pictures were bad.  I didn’t know what tags and SEO were.  I would just sit and stare at the Etsy  site  and then walk away because I couldn’t do it.

But I really wanted an online shop.  And a lot of people were doing it.   So finally one day I did it. I just started.  I put up my bad pictures (which are no longer available, I didn’t even know about cropping or rotating the pictures LOL) and wrote bad copy and just did it.   And my first attempt was bad.  But it was out of my head and the shop was open. 

Now that it was out of my head, I could see what had to be done. I learned how to write copy, and use tags, and take better pictures. (I’m still not great at photos, but I just signed up for an online course at Craftsy to learn more.)  I’m still learning every day.  I just found out a few weeks ago you can rearrange you shop pictures. 

So my advice is Jump in, get started and keep going.  Soon you'll be jumping for joy.




  1. I haven't reopened my Etsy site b/c the first time around it was just a pain to list just one item, let alone all the stuff I had. Plus I had to resize every photo to meet their 1000 pixels limit.

    1. Once you do it several times, it gets easier. I keep the info by my computer so I can remember how to resize and to what size. And now you can copy a listing . si if the item is similar and you just need to change the pictures and some of the copy it's quicker.

  2. Wonderful post! I've thought about opening a shop online- it's in the think stage. Your advice extends to so much more though. :)


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