Monday, October 20, 2014

Why I want to learn how to create and sell digital products

 “Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.

I Love digital products.  I have bought several over the years and also taken advantage of free ones.  I have always learned something and I often go back to them to study them some more.  I'm a reader and a visual learner so I appreciate having business manuals, patterns  and articles about entrepreneurship  at my fingertips to peruse when I have a question.
I will often sign up for someone's mailing list just to get their free e-book or report.
I like knitting and crocheting items to sell in my Etsy shop, but they have to be made over and over. 
I want to learn to make great digital products because you produce it once and can sell it over and over.  Plus I like the idea of someone using MY report as there go-to info product.
April Bowles is getting ready to teach a course on creating and selling digital products and I personally can't wait.  I took a course from her a few years ago on "Blogging for your Creative Business" and I learned SO MUCH.  I believe a lot of success of my Etsy shop is due to all the fabulous information I learned in her course.
And she gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  I still have all the interviews she did with various successful entrepreneurs downloaded  on my I-phone to listen to.  She always includes a LOT of bonuses.
So if your thinking of taking a course about digital products I would definitely recommend hers.
This post is part of a blog tour.  Otherwise I received no compensation for my post and all my opinions are my own.  I just love April's stuff!



  1. I have an Australian friend who designs stuff for zazzle and other sites. I'm not sure how it works but she makes a decent living at it. That said, she cranks out hundreds of new designs every day....she works extremely hard.

  2. THANK YOU! This made my day, Janet! I hope that you get so much out of my upcoming course. I really appreciate you helping me to spread the word about it. :)

  3. I am so excited about this course! Can't wait!

  4. Making my jewelry is incredibly time consuming so I also am looking for a product that I can sell in my sleep.Yay!

  5. I do a lot of custom work, so I'm all geared up and ready to learn from April this November. I definitely need to look into the possibilities of digital items that can be sold more than once. Your enthusiasm shows in your writing! Thanks for sharing with us! See you in the chatroom in April's class in November!

  6. Excited to be part of the blog tour with you! Looking forward to learning more from April too. I love following her blog and getting to know all the other creative entrepreneurs out there.

  7. Hi, Janet! I used to sell things at crafts shows, wholesale through a discount retailer, and a little on Etsy, but I never did as well as I do with digital patterns. Now days it's so easy to upload patterns to Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy (back in the day I had to email them out one at a time) that it really runs itself. I'm looking forward to "seeing" another crocheter in April's class :)

    1. I'm just starting getting into offering patterns. I feel like I need a "system" because it just takes me so long to get them written and prepared for sale.

  8. Hi, Janet (I'm sorry if this is a repeat comment - I think my computer is eating them, but I'm not sure. Oy!) It's so nice to see another yarncrafter on this tour :)! I love selling downloadable patterns, and the best thing is they kind of manage themselves. Can't wait to "see" another yarn crafter in class!

  9. I love digital products, too! Sounds like learning how to sell digital products is just for you! Knowing how to make and sell your knit and crochet patterns as digital downloads will save you so much time and hassle! Good luck!


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