Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Tip of the Week - G Hooks

Thursday Tip of the Week


I thought I would start a “tip of the week” post.  Sometimes it will be about crafts, sometimes about business, sometimes about photography; whatever little hints and life hacks I’ve picked up to make things easier or just to make you say aha.


Today’s tip is about G crochet hooks.  It turns out there are THREE sizes when it comes to G hooks.  I just realized that myself a couple of years ago.


There is 4.0 mm


There is 4.25 mm


And there is 4.5 mm


When your working a pattern that calls for a G hook, if you use the wrong one it can make a big difference in the size  of your item as these three swatches show.  The top one is made with the 4.0mm, the middle with the 4.25mm and the bottom with the 4.5.  As you can see in the second picture there is a Big difference between the smallest and largest G hook.



So next time you crochet a pattern that calls for a G hook check the mm. size that was used, if available.  Otherwise you’ll have to swatch, swatch, swatch until you get the correct gauge.


  1. Too funny. Your post is very timely for me. I just realized this bit of information last night. I have a 4mm and a 4.25mm and found it interesting that they were both the same letter. Good to know that the 4.50mm will also be the same letter. Now I just need to figure out which hook to use on my project.


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