Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Wrap Up and New Goals for 2014

2013 Wrap up

These were my 2013 goals:

1.  Build on last year's success with Etsy and increase sales and do some real world craft shows.
                  - I had a really successful year on Etsy thanks to the many interpretations of my top hats and the love people still have for Harry Potter .  I didn't do any craft shows because I can never seem to get enough stock made up to have on hand.

 2.  Concentrate on my blog. -  
                   I did do a lot more blog posts especially in the beginning but once September rolled around I slacked off

 3.  Figure out Facebook for my business. 
                  - This didn't happen.
4.  Write some patterns and e-books and  figure out how that whole deal works.
                - I wrote the patterns now I have to get them up on Ravelery.  This is MY BIG GOAL for this year.

 5. And on a personal note, get back to exercising and lose some weight.
               - sigh.  This is on my list again.  But being a cardiac nurse I know the importance of a proper weight so I'm determined to lose at least 30 pounds.  Our office moved to a new location and at the last building I was running up and down the stairs all day.  Here we're on one floor and I sit in front of a computer most of the day.  What a difference!  I put on 30 pounds since that move last March!  Yikes!
My Goals for 2014:
  1. Blog at least once a week and maybe more.
  2. Get those patterns on Ravelry.  I have lots of good ideas like a bunting (or garland) a month pattern and a blankie a month pattern.
  3. I'd like to figure out Google +
  4. Continue growing my Etsy business.
  5. And that diet and Exercise.
Those are my goals.  What are yours?
Have a very Happy and Healthy New year!

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  1. I don't set too many goals b/c I abandon them so fast! I have a few things I'd like to work toward but I'd rather not say it out loud in case I bail. lol


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