Friday, May 10, 2013

Coloring My World

Coloring My World


So this week I’ve been playing with color.  I finally got my box of cotton yarn from Germany.  It’s Catania from Schachenmayr.  I love it.  The colors are so pretty and it’s wonderful to work with.


I made this birdie.  I really enjoyed this pattern and I plan on making and selling these birds for decorations  in my Etsy shop.  After I took his picture I found better beads to use for the eyes and feet.  This pattern is by Atercrochet.


So is this one.  I love this pincushion ring!  It was fun and quick to do.  I want to make a bunch of these to sell also.  Tho maybe just at craft fairs.
I got the idea for the colors for my latest diaper cover and hat from a truck that drove past me while I was driving home from work and stuck in traffic.  It was a big blue truck and it had a large orange sphere on it.  It said Blue Moon on the side of the truck and I just thought it was so pretty. I came home and crocheted up a diaper set for baby girls.

 Where do you get your inspiration for projects?






  1. The daiper cover is so cute! And the pin cushion ring is really cool.
    I'm a new GFC follower, and I'd like to invite you to a blog hop at my place.
    Hope to see you there!
    I'm also gonna swing on over to your etsy shop and take a peek.

    1. Stopped by your hop and blog. Fun!

  2. oh the colours are so pretty!!The blue and orange work very well on the diaper set.

    I get my inspiration just like you, from everything I see.

  3. Living on the coast I am very inspired by the beach & ocean. When I lived out west, it was the Cascades, Mt. Rainier and the spectacular scenery that inspired me.


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