Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brush Lettering Obsession

My new obsession is brush lettering.    I LOVE IT!

I'm not very good at it yet, but I love it. 
  Here's some examples of my practice: 

I learned about Brush Lettering from Random Olive.  She has a Brush lettering guide that teaches you the basics.  She is also on Periscope a couple of times a week to
demonstrate how she brush letters and what supplies she uses.

 If you are interested you can buy a copy of her Brush Letter guide .  This link takes you to her page explaining what it is. (affiliate link).  Or click the Buy now button on the right sidebar to GET IT NOW, no waiting.  It's a digital file and worth every penny.  She gives you Capital letters, small letters and numbers and lined practice sheets in two sizes.  You start with the larger  size to learn the strokes and then graduate to the smaller size. 

 Once you've learned the basics, you may be interested in my   Halloween Themed Practice Guide.  It an e-book of 31 Halloween words and phrases.  It does not teach the brush lettering basics.  It's a lined practice guide to advance your practice.

Hope you join me in learning this new skill.

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  1. Very pretty lettering! My hand has started to shake so much.


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