Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finished Shawl and My Improvised Blocking Mat and Wires

Finished Shawl and My Improvised Blocking Mat and Wires
I finished my Over the Moon Shawl from my Sock Yarn Shawl book.  It went from this:
to this:
Isn't it beautiful!?  I love it!  And I can't believe I made it.  There are a few mistakes but you can't see them.  The wool is so nice and It blocked out beautifully.
I wasn't sure at first how I was going to block it as I don't have blocking wires or a blocking board.  So I improvised.  I went to Target to look in the toy aisle for the foam alphabet blocks that I'd heard some people used but I couldn't find any.  However , a few aisles over I discovered foam yoga mats that were 65" by 24".  Perfect size for my triangle shawl and the price was right; less than $20.00.
At home I had crafter's wire from my jewelry making supplies so I cut a piece 60" long.
I thread the wire thru the top of the shawl and pinned it to my yoga mat with t-pins.  The pins go easily into the mat and stay put.  Even better you can write on the mat with a pencil so I was able to mark the measurements for the shawl on it and stretch it out.

I pinned the shawl to the mat and the mat fit nicely on my craft table so I was able to leave it out to dry. 
 Fabulous!   When I was done the mat rolled up nicely to be stored away. And now my shawl looks great and I can't wait to wear it. 


  1. it looks fantastic! Love the colour and the pattern!

  2. It came out great! Creative use of the yoga mat too.

  3. Gosh that's lovely. So soft and pretty looking in that colour and pattern combination.

  4. Yoga mat! What an idea! I don't have one of those either, but that might be a great alternative to the squares. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Very nice. Thank you for sharing and linking it to Super Sunday Sync.


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