Friday, June 28, 2013

Amigurumi Class

Amigurumi Class


Last week I took a class on Craftsy  by Stacey Trock of  Fresh Stitches called “Design your own Monster".  It was all about designing crochet amigurumi.  It was an excellent class and I highly recommend it.

The class is $20.00 and worth every penny.

She teaches you how to make various pieces of monsters and how to put them together.  She takes you through different types of monsters to crochet and in each lesson you learn several new techniques.  You also learn how to take a drawing and turn it into a cute stuffed amigurmi..

I’ve always wanted to make stuffed toys but for some reason I though they were very complicated to design and make.  No More!  After this class I designed this cute little cloud amigurumi (I’ll be offering a pattern soon). 

I also designed a Humpty Dumpty.  I had knit one several years ago for my first grandson, but it took forever and I wished there was a crochet version.  After this class I was able to design the crochet version I had always wanted. 

This cute little fellow was one of the monsters you could make in the class. 
I also made this bat for my daughter who likes bats. ( I actually purchased the bat pattern thru Stacey as I wanted to learn how to make wings and that was the one thing not taught in the class.)

If you’ve never taken a class by Craftsy, you should check them out.  They are reasonably priced and they offer sales and discounts all the time.  The classes are available forever and you can watch the videos over and over.  Plus you can interact with other people in the class if you’re so inclined.

That’s what I learned this week. How about you?




  1. Those are adorable! I love stuffies!!!!! I take it one needs to know how to crochet first?

  2. Yes, but it really is the most basic of crochet. just chain stitches and single crochet. Nothing too hard

  3. What a sweet cloud you made! So happy you enjoyed the class... I love seeing what people make! :)

  4. So happy you loved the class... your cloud is adorable!


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