Sunday, February 17, 2013

That Was Easy

I was reading on several blogs about people choosing a word or a motto for the year.  I guess it's been percolating in the back of my mind for a few weeks, but suddenly the other day it popped into my head  that my motto is "That was easy".

     So often in today's society things are harder than they need to be. People argue instead of just doing their job. And that causes everyone a lot of stress.  It's like the world is full of surly teenagers who have to disagree with every thing that comes their way.

I work as a nurse for a very large (36 docs) cardiology practice and I am the pharmacy nurse.  I spend all day answering patient's questions about  meds, refilling meds, and dealing with the insurance companies to get medications approved.  I'm the go betwween the patient's and the doctors. 
Many times patients call and I can hear the stress in their voice, worriying it's going to be an ordeal to get their medications refilled or their questions answered. 
I say "Okay, I'll take care of it for you." and I can hear the surprise and relief.  One patient said, "Wow, that was easy."
Or one of the doctors will ask me to do something and I'll say "Sure, taken care of."  And again I'll catch a look of surprise or better yet relief.

My son-in-law is a salesman and I often hear him on the phone with clients and he'll say "Done!". and that's it.  He does what they need.

So I've decided as much as possible, and without being a doormat, to do what's asked without argument.  If I'm being paid to do a certain job and it's in my scope of practice, I do it.  If the "powers that be" have decided that something needs to be done, even if I don't particularly agree, I do it.

I've been doing it without realizing it for the past several months and it really has made a difference in everyone around me.  Patients ask to speak to me by name.  Other employees come to me for help.

As I get older I just don't have the energy or the time to waste arguing about inconsequential things.  I pick my  battles and save my energy for the important things.  And what's important at this stage of my life is to make things a wee bit easier for me and for others.  Hopefully I can contribute in some little way to that reality.

That's my rant and that's my motto.

 What's Yours?



  1. That's an awesome motto and a great attitude to have! My life motto is "Choose your battles wisely" and just recently I have realized the importance of making things a little easier in my life.
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  2. Great motto! My motto is to say YES, whenever it's possible. Even when it means that I have to step outside my comfort zone.

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  3. Great motto. Mine would have to have something to do with being brave oh and living in the moment too!

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  4. I agree, Kyoti, if we choose our battles we also save ourselves much un needed stress.
    Great post, have a super blessed day!

  5. great motto kyuti!

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  7. Great motto and well written post. Looking forward to read more from you.

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  8. Great Motto! I should probably choose one for the year as well.

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  9. Love the motto and this post!!

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  11. Hey Kyoti!

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  12. It's always better to pick your battles. It's just too tiring to fight about all the little things.

  13. It's a nice motto. I pick my battles too, and even then very rarely. ;)

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